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Masakazu Kusakabe(Japan)

Masakazu Kusakabe

1946 Masakazu Kusakabe was born in Miharu town Fukushima prefecture.

1970 He read “yakimono zuihitsu” written by Toukurou Kato. He was deeply moved by seeing “Toukurou Kato exhibition” at Maruei department store in Nagoya city and interested in the way of potteries. He immediately built a wood kiln and started rakuyaki.

1971 He built a small wood kiln for honyaki and tried Hagiyaki, Kiseto, Shino, etc….

1972 He was interested in yakishime and created under the images of Iga, Shigaraki, Bizen. On the other hand, he was interested in chatou and made teabowls, tea container, mizusashi, etc….

1973 He was also interested in jiki and has tried for a year. Since then, he has been studying potteries totally.

1975 He mainly worked in the image of yakishime and studied the strategies to construct anagama(a style of kiln) and trials for better firing.

1977 In Namie city Fukushima prefecture, he constructed jagama(snake kiln) and fired for a week and at the longest it took 20 days.

1983 He built anagama.

1985 In Miharu town, he got his studio and named it Yuuhoutoubou.

1987 Besides his first kiln, he tried buried kinds of kilns. He works under his theme for instance, satou, pipe, vase, dish, and so on.

1995-96 He had some international exchanges by exhibitions or workshops of his potteries with Mr. Marc Lancet in the state of Nevada and the state of California in the U.S.

1997 Dancing Fire Wood Kiln was built and fired in July for the first time. A workshop was held by Kusakabe and Mr. Marc Lancet.

1998 He built Dancing Fire Wood Kiln with Mr. Lancet at the workshopin California. In August another workshop was held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

1999 He attended CCAC, and held an exhibition and gave a lecture with Mr.Lancet. In July he held a workshop about wood firing.

2000 In July, he did 1 week workshop at Siera Nevada College and in August he built a “Dancing Fire Wood Kiln” for Potter David’s studio at Eau Claire in , Wisconsin for a two week build kiln & wood firing workshop with David & students. Also he visited to England and Spain for reserching of Ceramic.

2001 In july~ August, he did spaecial workshop at Burnaby city art center for building kiln & wood firing thier wood & Soada kiln with city staff students by his design of `Dacing Fire Wood Kiln’. Also in July, he did another workshop in Redding Museum of Art and History CA USA.

2002 In July,he attended CCAC, and held an exhibition and gave a lecture?with Mr. Lancet. In august he attended Aomori international wood firing festival for special guests.

2003 April~May He was inviteed by Checo-repaburic ceramic potters and?he did ceramic wood fire workshop and some exhibition in Klikov.July~ August, he did ceramic workshop in SCC CA USA with Marc.

2004? August He did the Workshop and Lecture for professional potters at the peninsula school in Wisconsin. And Wood?fire workshop at Caradori David’s studio at Eau Claire?in Wisconsin. he did ceramic workshop at SCC CA USA with Marc.Lancet in California

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