International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Laura O’Hagan(Ireland)

The emphasis on vigorous line and form compliments Laura’s painterly awareness of colour and tone, evident in all her work. She is drawn to large scale and cannot resist the challenge of a 200-sqm blank canvas of a wall or floor. To give life to a concrete tower 15 metres high and 10 metres in circumference was her most recent challenge using liquid clay to do this. Inspired by the movement and freedom of the sea, her work conveys a recurring emphasis on capturing its energy in time; energetic swirling lines contrast with a dominant horizontal force that conveys movement and depth in space. Colour, is important and all the colours of the busy Dublin city street are used by transporting them into the ocean of highly reflective gold glaze.

Laura also guest lectures in colleges and recently served as artist-in-residence leading a 6-week programme at The Ark Cultural Centre for Children entitled ‘Plant an Idea’. She facilitated over 150 children in developing design ideas into 14 mosaic panels, now permanently installed in the roof garden of the art centre.

International Ceramics Festival

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