International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Ian Gregory(UK)

One of the goals towards which I strive when engaged in the activity of manipulating clay is to work from the creative union of the conscious and the unconscious thought. Both in the use of imaginary and in the development of the sculptural considerations to form light, colour and space as well as other factor that are peculiar to firing clay forms. Surface texture, glaze and reduction, control many decisions regarding the final outcome.

My imaginary is gleaned from experiences, from observing situations, other cultural backgrounds, photographs, along with music and literature, visual and graphic images both past and present.

The conscious element of controlling surface tension and form may appear random at times and are more or less successful in different pieces. The very process of Raku and Salt Glaze place very special demands on me as a maker and the materials used become a battlefield of the elements of Earth, Fire and Water, which I am only occasionally able to control. However the thin line is ever present, that of trying to avoid the “Kitch” or becoming of a conveyor and illustrator of others imaginary dogma.

International Ceramics Festival

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