International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015

Carol McNicoll(UK)

“In an age of information technology, making things by hand is a supremely anachronistic occupation. The first world has relegated the unglamorous and unprofitable activity of production to the third world, reserving the cleaner and more lucrative manipulation of information for itself. The capacity for making things has always seemed to me to be a defining human characteristic.

My work, which is made for the most part in slip-cast clay, is always conceived as inhabiting the domestic environment. Slip-casting is an industrial process, I use this partly because of its mimetic capacity, but mainly because the work both operates within and comments on the ceramic tradition as expressed within the domestic context. All my work is functional, I make things that I want people to use.

My current work explores the relationship between two and three dimensional figurative imagery. I am concerned with pattern and in this I have developed an extensive range of new decorative techniques. My work is very much concerned with the relationship between form and decoration. I am interested in the use of pattern to create ambiguity, and try to make objects that entertain while at the same time being slightly unsettling”

International Ceramics Festival

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
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Ceredigion, Wales (UK)
SY23 3DE

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