International Ceramics Festival

Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July 2015


Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Arts Council of Wales
Bath Potters
Calor Gas
Ceramics Ireland
North Wales Potters Association
Pottery Crafts
Scarva Pottery
South Wales Potters Association
Studio Pottery
Top Pot Supplies
Welsh Tourist Board
Aberystwyth University Forthcoming Events

Ceramic Festivals and Organizations

British Crafts – Exhibitions
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Ceramic Art London
Ceramics Triennale
The Clay Centre
Craft in Focus
Dacorum and Chiltern Potters Guild
Gouda Pottery Festival
Gul Erali Ceramic Art
International Ceramics Studio
International Pottery and Ceramics Fair, Spain
Japanese Ceramics
Kent Potters
Khmer Ceramics
London Potters
Midlands Potters Association
Montelupo Ceramics Museum
Northern Clay Centre
North Carolina Pottery Centre
Potfest in the Pens
Rufford Ceramic Centre
Sanford Pottery
Seagrove Area Potters Association
The Clay Studio
Turkish Ceramics Federation
Wealdon Potters Group
West Country Potters Association
Yingge Ceramics Festival
NZ Potters
The Indian Ceramic Society
ECERS European Ceramic Society
The Australian Ceramics Association
London Potters
London Potters Guild
Contemporary Ceramics Centre
The International Academy of Ceramics
American Art Pottery Association
Biennale internationale de Vallauris
Ceramic fair of El Vendrell- El Vendrell Catalunya
Internationale Keramiktage
British Ceramic Confederation
Società Ceramica Italiana
Ceramic Review
National Association for Ceramics in Higher Education
Kovack Pottery
Ceramics Association Austria
The Potter’s Association of Namibia
Swiss Ceramics Association
Swedish Society of Crafts and Design
International Institue for Science of Sintering
Associaçao Portuguesa da industria de Cerâmica : APICER
Dutch Ceramics Association
Deutschen Keramische Gesellschaft
Verband der Keramischen Industrie der Keramischen Industrie
Peliers d’Art De France
Danish Crafts
Chinese Ceramic Society
Canadian Crafts Federation
Brazilian Ceramics Association
Belgian Ceramics Research Centre
Industrial Chamber for Red Ceramics

International Ceramics Festival

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Penglais, Aberystwyth,
Ceredigion, Wales (UK)
SY23 3DE

Tel: (+44) 01970 623232 (Tickets & Box Office)
Tel: (+44) 07531146638 (General Enquiries)

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